General Adolf Hamann

Adolf Hamann (3rd September 1885-30th December 1945) was a German general during World War II.

In 1901, he joined the Wehrmacht, and fought in World War I, during which he was awarded the Iron Cross medal, and was appointed platoon leader. He later became commander of his own company.

During World War II, Hamann was a general for the Nazis, and was in charge of troops in Bryansk and Bobruisk during the invasion of Russia. He also became chief of Gruppe Hamann, a support formation under the command of Lothar Rendulic, and commander of the 383rd division, replacing Edmund Hoffmeister.

On 22nd June 1944, Bobruisk was surrounded and captured by the Soviets, who took Hamann and the remainder of the Bobruisk garrison prisoner. Hamann was found guilty of War crimes committed by the troops under his command against the civilian populations of Bryansk and Bobruisk in a system for judging war crimes known as the "Yamashita Standard" (Named after Japanese general Tomoyuki Yamashita, who was the first person to be convicted using this method) and hanged in 1945.

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