For me, life without murder is like life without food for you. I felt like the father of all these people, since it was me who opened the door for them to another world.
~ Pichushkin explains why he murders people.

Alexander Yuryevich "Sasha" Pichushkin (Born April 9, 1974) was a Russian serial killer, who, brutally murdered 49 people from 1992-June 16, 2006. He would lure people (usually homeless), often with beer. He would then kill them with a hammer and stick a broken beer bottle in the back of their skulls.


Pichushkin In Court

Early Life

Pichushkin was born on April 9, 1974. When he was little he fell off a swing and hurt his head, and when he got back up the swing hit him again in the head when it swung back. It caused damage to his frontal lobe, which causes an easily triggered aggression. Pichushkin frequently became very hostile at random times. This got so bad that his mother sent him to a school for children with listening disabilities. He was frequently bullied physically and verbally. They would refer to him as "That retard". The bullying only accelerated his rage. Pichushkin's maternal grandfather thought that Alexander was intelligent and is wasting his talent and abilities.


Alexander Pichushkin had his first taste of blood in 1992, as a student, but didn't start his killing spree until 2001. He was inspired by Andrei Chikatilo, who, murdered 52 women from 1980 to 1992. He murdered 48 people (49 if you count the 1992 murder). He would usually go after elderly homeless people and would lead them in the Bitsa Park with the promise where he would attack them with a hammer and would stick the broken vodka bottle in the back of their skulls. He would also attack women and children, he would attack them from behind with a hammer. He told police he felt like God, when he could decide the fate of his victims.


He was arrested on June 16, 2006 when murder victim Marina Moskalyova, 36, was seen on a security camera with Pichushkin in a subway station. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole with the first 15 years in solitary confinement for 49 murders, and 3 attempted murders, even though he claimed to have murdered 60 people. He was dubbed the Chessboard Killer because he wanted to kill 64 people, the same number of squares on a chessboard. He also frequently played chess.


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