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Rubiks Alfreds September 24, 1935Daugpils, Latvian politician. Engineer. In 1954 and 1957-61 he worked at the Riga Electrical Equipment Factory. 1959-91 Member of the CPSU. Graduated from the Riga Polytechnic Institute in 1963 and graduated from Leningrad Higher Party School in 1980. 1962-68 Latvian Komsomol activist. 1969-76 Deputy Head of the Central Committee, Latvian Communist Party. 1976-82 First Secretary of the Riga Leningrad District Committee. 1982-84 Minister of Local Industry of the Latvian SSR. 1980-91 Member of the Supreme Soviet of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic, 1991-92 Member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Latvia, 1985-91. 1981-91 Member of the Central Committee of the Latvian Communist Party. 1984-90 Chairman of the Riga Executive Committee. 1989-91 People's Deputy of the USSR. 1990-91 Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Secretary I of the Central Committee of the Latvian Communist Party. Opposed Latvia's aspirations for independence. During the August 1991 Putsch in Moscow, Chairman of the Latvian State Committee on Emergencies. Arrested on 08.08.1991 after the collapse of the coup, charged with organizing a coup. 1993-95 Member of the Seimas (mandate canceled). 1995 sentenced to eight years in prison; 1997 Launched. In 1996, while serving his sentence, he was nominated as a candidate for President of Latvia (5% of the vote). Chairman of the Socialist Party since 1999. 1999-2003 Co-Chair of the Human Rights Association in Latvia. Editor-in-chief of the weekly Latvian Socialist / Socialist Latvii, 2003-06. Vice-President of the Harmony Center since 2005. 2009-14 European Parliamentarian. Wrote books: Voted on Flowers (Golosovali cvetami 1997 21999 under the title Otečestvo - bol ′ moja), I claim to be innocent (Trebuju priznat ′ nevinovnym 2001).

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