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You guys are full of shit!

Amy and Samy Bouzaglo were the founders of Amy's Baking Company. Amy's Baking Company was notorious for their appearance in Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

This was the only time in the show's history where Gordon walked out. The duo was most infamous for blocking any criticism, lashing out and swearing at customers, long waiting times for the food which left a lot to be desired and stealing tips from their servers, the latter is considered to be illegal.

In fact, Amy fired one of her employees for nothing other than accusing her of having an attitude problem. According to one former staff member at Amy's Baking Company, Samy doesn't like culinary school alumni because he thinks they don't know anything. Another former staff member stated that Samy was always in a very bad mood and at one time, Samy forced him to wash his car. Amy doesn't like men working in the kitchen because she believes that men have a big ego and that the kitchen is small.

At one point, TMZ was filming a video where Samy was attacking a patron with a sharp object in which Samy claimed it was a pen. Samy is now facing deportation with the public discovering that Samy was an Israeli gangster, involved in crimes ranging from drug trafficking, threats, and extortion. In fact, Samy was banned from France and Germany for those crimes. With his involvement in organized crime, many people on Reddit theorized that their restaurant was just a money laundering scheme, as seems evident stating that Ramsay believes that it's not normal for a small kitchen of theirs to have 65 items on their menu. It was also revealed that Amy too had served a 14-month sentence in prison for improper use of a Social Security number. Samy Bouzaglo also spreads false accusations to the media, claiming that he is angry at Gordon for sexually harassing his wife, and accusing him of stealing the tip. As of September 2015, Amy's Baking Company closed their doors, even though Amy Bouzaglo still bakes through social media.

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