"Death for me is nothing. Naturally, I would prefer the death penalty. I have absolutely no interest in relations with people. If I am ever let out, I will start killing again, but this time, it will be worse, ten times worse. Seize this chance, because I am groomed to serve satan."
—Anatoly Onoprienko

On 16 April 1996 Anatoly Onoprienko was arrested at his girlfriend’s home in the Ukraine, thus ending the career of the killer known as the”Terminator”,who may have claimed as many as 52 lives. Initially he admitted to eight killings between 1989 and 1995.In 1996 alone it is believed that he slaughtered eight entire families. His motives are confused, although certainly he robbed his victims; he would gun down adults and batter children to death, his preferred weapon was a shotgun. During his trial he never expressed any regrets and openly confessed to many of the killings. In March 1997 the Ukrainian court sentenced him to death, although to date there is still a moratorium on executions. Onoprienko himself wishes to be killed, warning that if he were ever released he would kill until killed.