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I simulate various future scenarios relating to resistance efforts, confrontations with police, future interrogation scenarios, future court appearances, future media interviews etc.
~ Anders Behring Breivik explaining his motives.


Breivik as a young teenager.

Anders Behring Breivik (February 13th, 1979 - ) is a Norwegian ultranationalist who has claimed responsibility for the Norway terror attacks of 2011, in which he infamously gunned down many young victims attending a Labour Party meeting on a small island: he also utilized a large bomb on mainland Norway which killed and injured even more. Breivik is islamophobic, a far right radical and probably a Zionist according to white supremacists who want to distance themselves from him.

Breivik is believed to have either worked alone or with aid of unknown allies and is most likely a "lone wolf" - he held extreme anti-Muslim beliefs and was a far right zionist. In order to lure his victims out he dressed as a police officer and when some of his victims tried to flee into the surrounding water he is said to have opened fire into the water.

Breivik surrendered almost immediately once police arrived at the scene and despite fears by police that he may have been carrying explosives, he was arrested without incident. The true extent of his massacre was not revealed until later. He was sentenced to 21 years in preventative detention with the possibility of extension.

As of now, Breivik is still imprisoned. As of 9/13/2013, he is enrolled at the University of Oslo studying political science.