Death is not a penalty. It's an escape.
~ Timothy McVeigh
Villains who have died. People who are confirmed dead rather than simply being presumed as much are different; please keep those categories separate.
  • Death in Prison: The villains who died while in prison, either of natural causes (such as in the case of Graham Young), execution (such as Albert Fish), suicide (such as Harold Shipman) or murder by other inmates (such as Jeffery Dahmer).
  • Execution: These are villains who have been executed or lynched for their crimes. Also listed are notorious executioners or methods of execution.
  • Suicide : The villains who also died by killing themselves and harmed others on their way to kicking the bucket to eventually end it all.
  • Murder: Others may get sick of the villains' evil wrongdoings and the take matters into their own hands killing the villains themselves.

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