Even psychopaths have emotions. Then again, maybe not.
~ Richard Ramirez
Villains who display psychopathy are calculating, clever, emotionless and callous traits such as lack of empathy, shame, remorse, anxiety, sadness, joy, and love. The reason because of this is why psychopaths commit crimes they have no conciseness they are however aware of what there doing and not psychotic but they choose not to follow the laws. Psychopaths are often high functioning they carefully plan out there crime s. You will often see them in a business suite they could be a family member, a friend, or a neighbor. They are very manipulative and will take advantage of you they may have a wife or even children but they don't care for them. For them killing a puppy or a child would be like walking in a grocery store. Don't get confused with secondary psychopathy which is sociopathy these are two very different things.

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