Ctirad Vitásek (1976/1977 - 2019) was a 42-year old man from Czech Republic who on December 10th 2019 with his illegaly held CZ-75 shot up a hospital in Ostrava and killed 7 people after this he was on the run from the police for aprox. 2 hours. He later killed himself in the village of Děhylov

Life before the shooting

Vitásek was born in the Czech Republic he was diagnosed with Hypochondriasis and had undergone multiple psychiatric treatments for it. He also commited several crimes including robbery. His neighbour desribed him as a normal guy.

The shooting and motives

Vitásek believed that he is badly sick and that the employees of the hospital refused to treat him. His beheviour reportedly completely changed in the week preceeding the shooting.He also didn't go to his job for a month before the shooting. On december 10th 2019 at 7:14AM Vitásek entered the hospital and killed 4 and injured 9 others andfter that hwe went on a run from the police. Ending his life a few hours later in the village of Děhylov.


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