Daniel Bartlem (November 11th, 1996 - ) is a convicted murderer from Nottingham, UK. He is often dubbed as the "Coronation Street Killer" by the media. Daniel displayed disturbing and troublesome behaviors, such as defecating and hiding his feces around his room. He also wrote violent stories and would have his mother and her boyfriend read them.


On Easter in April 2011, when he was 14 years old, Daniel used a claw hammer and bludgeoned his mother to death as she slept. He then burned the house, but before doing so, he helped his younger brother and the family dog out of the house. Initially, he claimed that a theiving burglar had hurt his mother and burnt the house. However, as investigators searched through his computer, they found evidence that he was searching things like "how to get away with murder" and other related topics. He was immediately arrested and tried. Daniel Bartlam was sentenced to 16 years in a juvenile detention facility.


Daniel Bartlam is an unusual case in that at only the age of 14, he displayed Cluster B (antisocial, borderline, and narcissistic) personality traits, which effectively make him a childish and intelligent psychopath. Daniel was reclusive, and spent a lot of time alone in his room watching DVD's and playing video games. He enoyed violent type video games and violent horror movies. Daniel displayed attention-seeking behaviors, he was manipulative, awkward, and showed other bizarre behaviors in the privacy of his home. Only his family and those closest to him were aware of his temper, awkard and bizarre behaviors. At school and in public, Daniel seemed completely normal and was thought of as a pleasant child. Although personality disorders aren't usually diagnosed in those under the age of 18, Daniel was to be one of the few exceptions. Daniel has both antisocial and borderline personality disorders, with narcissistic and schizotypal features.