Daron Dylon Wint (born November 27, 1980) is a convicted quadruple murderer. On May 14, 2015, he killed three members of the Savopoulos family, Savvas, Amy, and their son Philip, as well as their housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa. He had restrained them with duct tape before killing them, then set the house on fire. They all sustained blunt force trauma, and Philip was also stabbed.


Wint was born in Guyana on November 27, 1980 and immigrated to the U.S. in 2000. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps but was discharged before his training was complete for medical reasons. He was a certified welder who formerly worked at American Iron Works from 2003 to 2005 before being fired. He had a long rap sheet of criminal charges; he was convicted in 2009 of second-degree assault in Maryland and sentenced to 30 days in jail, and also pleaded guilty to the crime of malicious destruction of property in 2010 as part of a plea deal, in which a second charge, burglary, was dropped. He has also been charged in the past with theft, assault, a sexual offense, and weapons possession.

After Wint's DNA was matched, a warrant was issued for his arrest on a charge of first-degree murder. Wint was found and arrested on May 21, 2015, in northeast Washington, a week after the murders, and was subsequently charged with first-degree murder.


The trial date for Wint was set on February 3, 2017 to begin September 4, 2018. The trial began with opening statements on September 11, 2018.

On October 25, 2018, the defendant was found guilty of 20 counts of kidnapping, extortion, and murder. Wint was sentenced to four consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole.

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