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Darwin Martinez-Torres (1995-) is a Salvadorian-born convicted murderer who is responsible for the murder of Nabra Hassanen, a Muslim girl who was kidnapped, raped, and murdered near a mosque at Sterling, Virginia during Ramadan. He was connected to MS- 13


Nabra Hassanen and her friends were returning to a mosque from a McDonald's location at around 3 AM on June 18, 2017, when Martinez approached them by truck and started a conflict. He eventually drove off, but came back with a baseball bat. He struck Nabra, put her in his truck, and drove off with her, while her friends fled. He took Nabra to an unknown location, and battered her further, before raping her and murdering her before placing her body in a pond.

Police eventually found Hassanen's body and arrested Darwin, due to suspicious behavior by him. He was charged with second-degree murder. It is widely believed to be a hate crime, due to the nature of the crimes and how it happened at a mosque of all places. However, police have declared it an act of road rage, despite many locals still believing it to be a hate crime. The incident garned national attention and made national news. 

Darwin was sentenced to eight life sentences on March 28, 2019.  

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