Diego Montes is the older brother of Joaquin Montes( A.K.A Bully Atenista). Also a Taekwondo Player from Ateneo.


Not much is known about his origins, but according to Z Blog page from facebook he was a former student in San Beda who was kicked out due to bullying and later transfered to Ateneo but been picking and bullying students alongside with his younger brother Joaquin Montes. Days after the bullying incident , a video was posted a 2 men quarreling near Ateneo. It’s somehow unclear if it was him who was beaten by another guy( claiming a student from Ateneo) upon getting a fight due to the former’s car had accidentally bumped the latter’s motorcycle which made them fight physically but one of the people nearby in the video claimed that it was him who was being beaten. What happened to him after the incident was left unknown Including his younger brother Joaquin Montes.


+ His younger brother was a bully( Joaquin Montes ) who was said to have an inferiority complex (unconfirmed) due to short stature as one reason that’s why he bully in school. He is physically different to his younger brother which is taller and whiter. So the exact reason why the brothers bully is ambiguous.

+ There was also a rumor that his family use to have a violent nature, which made the brothers influence in bullying students.


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