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The Family Research Council is an American lobby group against LGBT rights, among other things.


The FRC was founded by Gerald P. Regier, Armand Nicholi Jr, Gary Alan Reker and others in 1981, to lobby against the legalisation of gay marriage, and the introduction of laws outlawing discrimination against LGBT people. In 1983, it was incorporated into Focus On The Family, another Anti-LGBT lobby group lead by James Dobson, who introduced Gary Bauer as president, replacing Regier. However, in 1992, Bauer pulled them out due to his objections to Focus On The family not having to pay tax. After Bauer resigned in 1999, Kenneth L. Connor took over, but was replaced by current president Tony Perkins.

During Perkins's tenure in 2012, the FRC was classified as a Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre, and shortly afterwards left-wing extremist Floyd Lee Corkins attempted a mass shooting at the FRC's headquarters in Washington DC. Perkins condemned the SPLC for classifying them as a hate group, as he claimed they had motivated Corkins to attempt his attack.

The FRC has since set up a subdivision named FRC Action, which was led by Josh Duggar for a time. However, Duggar resigned in 2015 after being accused of being a Paedophile, whilst Rekers, who was still a leading member, resigned in 2012 after being outed as gay when he was caught with a male prostitute.

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