Jameis Winston (January 6th, 1994 - ) is an American football quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has been caught shoplifting multiple times and was suspended for 3 weeks in the NFL for sexually assaulting a female Uber Driver

The Shoplifting Claims

In July of 2013, an employee from Burger King called 911 to report Jameis stealing soda. According to the report and cameras recording at the time, he walked into the restaurant with 3 others and starting filling ketchup cups with soda, he then asked the employee for a water cup but even after she said to stop, he kept going for soda.

In April of 2014, Jameis was arrested for shoplifting crab legs from a Publix supermarket. While not charged with jail time, he was given 20 hours of community service and was suspended from all baseball activity until its done. This has become an internet meme as of recent years

Sexual Assault Charges

In November of 2013,  the State Attorney of the Second Judicial Circuit announced they were opening an investigation into a sexual assault allegation involving Winston. This was originally filed in December of 2012. He was acquitted after it was found that the woman was lying and improper policing was used.

In 2014, a lawsuit was filed against Winston for rape charges. The victim had bruises and semen containing Winston's DNA was found on her underwear. Although no trail was held, both him and the victim's lawsuits were cleared out of court.

On November 17th, 2017, the NFL conducted an investigation where Winston grabbed a female Uber driver's breasts without her consent. After 3 months, the NFL said that Winston "violated the Personal Conduct Policy by touching the driver in an inappropriate and sexual manner without her consent". The league announced that it was planning to suspend Winston for the first three games of the 2018 season as a result of his involvement in the incident

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