Dark star
I'm the Joker.
~ James Holmes

James Eagan Holmes (December 13th, 1987 - ) is the man who committed the Aurora Theater Massacre. He killed 12 people and serevely injured 58 others at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. He was a PhD student at the University of Colorado and was a major in neuroscience.

He first threw mustard gas (which is a banned weapon, leading many to ponder how he obtained it) into the crowd of moviegoers and continued to open fire upon them. He was carrying three types of firearms with him.

When arrested, he was wearing a full-body bullet proof vest, riot helmet, and gas mask. After being arrested, he warned the police he had rigged his room with booby-traps.

He has been found guilty on all 165 charges against him and sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.


  • In Colorado, a death penalty decision has to be one hundred percent agreement from the jurors. In James' case, only one juror voted against giving him the death penalty.