Jane Toppan (born Honora Kelley, 17 August 1854- 29 October 1938) is a American female serial killer also known as Jolly Jane. She is the most prolific female serial killer in American history, with 31 confirmed murders to her name.


Jane is born from a Irish family her real parents name was Bridget and Peter Kelley her mother died from Tuberculosis when she was a child and let her at the care of her father who was an alcoholic man who didn't care for her at all and put her in a orphanage her father was know as Kelley The Crack (Prononciation: The Crackpot) and she did hear from him after he get arrested, as she in her siblings was put to the orphanage and Honora is then placed as sevant for the Toppan's family who will eventually adopt her, but she will see that she will not be treated as part of the family.

Becoming her killing spree as a Nurse

In 1885, Jane will become a training nurse for Cambridge Hospital wich patients will see as kind friendle and bright, but of course this its just a façade to be sure that her patient will not see her true intentions, she was then recommended for the prestigious Massachusetts Hospital where she begin to work there and then get fired from and return to Cambridge. Its there that her true color was revealed but still hidden from her colleagues, as she was suppose to take care of her patient and care for them she actually wanted to poison them and kill them.

Murdering her landlord and Foster Sister

In 1895 she killed Lanlord and his wife by poisoning them, and she then return to her foster family where her foster sister Elizabeth was living a happy live with her husband wich Jane will despise her since she hated her for many years, when her foster sister Elizabeth was sick she pretend to take care of her and poisoning pretending to give her medication.

Last murder and Arrest

When she was working in the care of the Davis family, she served them their diner as she was working as a maid but then all the family died mysteriously or maybe because Jane wanted to get ride of them pretending to be friendly as they died people become supersticious and claimed that she kill all members of the Davis family. Of course, Jane was arrested but she denied her crimes and then confessed later and be put in a mental intistution.

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