Jennifer San Marco was a 44 year old woman born in Brooklyn, New York but lived in Goleta, California. She was responsible for the Goleta Postal Facility Shooting. She commited suicide after the shooting in January 30th, 2006. She killed 7 people and herself. 

Early Life

Jennifer was born on December 6th, 1961. Previously she worked as a dispatcher in the Santa Barbara Police Department, then she left due to stress and continues working as a clerk but also left because of psychological disability after a 2003 incident. In Grants, New Mexico, she had the reputation of "The Strange Woman" because of signs of insanity like talking to herself and stripping naked.

The Massacre

On the 30th of January Jennifer started her massacre with shooting her neighbor, Beverly Graham. After that, she drove to the Postal Plant where she worked and she forced an employee to give her their badge in gunpoint. In the parking lot, she shot a 37 old man, she did this with a Smith & Wesson Model 910 handgun. Then she shot a 28 years old woman named Maleka Higgins and Nicola Grant a 42 years old. Then she entered the building and around 80 employees had to be evacuated.

But not everyone was lucky enough to leave the place safely. She shot Charlotte Colton, a supervisor, who later died in the hospital. She went to her old workplace and on the way she killed Lupe Swartz with four rapid shots. Dexter Shannon was working and haven't heard the shooting and that caused his death. He was also a war veteran. After that Jennifer commited suicide via shooting herself in the head.

One female victim remained hospitalized. That was the most fatal workplace shooting in the U.S at the time.


  • Beverly Graham was killed on the street
  • Ze Fairchild, Maleka Higgins and Nicola Grant were shot in the parking lot
  • Charlotte Colton was killed at the entrance
  • Lupe Swartz and Dexter Shannon were killed at Jennifer's old workplace

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