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The party must not become the servant of the masses, but their master.
~ Adolf Hitler

The National Socialist German Workers' Party (often shorted simply to "Nazis") were the ruling party of Germany during the events of World War II and became infamous as a society that, under the control of Adolf Hitler, orchestrated a number of unlawful invasions as well as numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity, with the most well known being the Holocaust, the genocidal mass slaughter of Jews all across Europe that is widely accepted to be the worst act of genocide in modern history.

The Nazi Party have become a staple symbol of evil in the minds of many along with their symbol, the Swastika, which is outlawed in a few countries as a hate symbol - the Nazi Party was part of a wider network of regimes collectively known as the Axis Powers during World War II and ultimately found defeat shortly after Hitler committed suicide.

Although extensive work was done to try and remove Nazi heritage from Germany and surrounding areas there are still a few Neo-Nazi groups in existence and many far-right factions are labeled "Nazis" by their opponents (whether or not they actually practice Nazism in the strictest sense of the word).


The Nazi Party promoted the idea that the Aryan race (humans of nordic and germanic descent) was an innately superior breed of human and therefore deserved dominance over the world and other races. While the party is well-remembered for its extreme antisemitism, the Nazis also targeted Slavs (such as Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenes, Serbians, Croatians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, and Russians), Romani, Greeks, homosexuals, disabled, and others deemed Untermensch (sub-human) by the dictatorship.


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