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I get bigger than Ben-Hur and people get interested. There is nothing I can do about it, so why worry about it?
~ Scully, not caring about people perceiving him as an evil predator.

Peter Gerard Scully (January 13th, 1963 - ) is an Australian pedophile and murderer who owned a notorious "red room" on the Dark Web, using it to sell videos of helpless children being sexually abused and tortured. He is deemed to be "Australia's worst pedophile" by many individuals.

Some argue that he is one of the worst people ever recorded in history, as he expressed zero remorse for the helpless children he mercilessly tortured; in fact, he enjoys the massive attention he has received, despite majority being almost universal hatred and horror caused his actions and character. Along with crackers, he is one of the main reasons many users on the Internet have a negative reaction towards the Dark Web.


The most notorious video made by Scully was titled "Daisy's Destruction". The video manifests Scully and two masked affilates (one of whom allegedly felt remorse and let the two survivors free) sexually abusing and torturing an 18 month girl named Daisy until she was permanently infertile. The only girl that died during the film was a 11 year old named Cindy, who, after having her limbs cut off, was strangled with a rope. Her remains were later discovered underneath the floorboards of Scully's house. The video's infamous reputation and extremely violent nature caused it to be regarded as an urban legend for some time before its existence was proven. After authorities found the video, an international manhunt for the creators of it was started. The FBI had to sit through the entire video, they say out of all messed up video tapes they have seen, this one takes the cake. Anyone who has downloaded this film would most likely be tracked down and arrested due to possession of child pornography

The "Dafu Love" Creepypasta

"Dafu Love", a creepypasta based off the actions done in "Daisy's Destruction", was rumored to be a sadistic film created by Scully, but was later established as an urban legend made from Internet users. The video was described with Scully, his two girlfriends, and two other unnamed men raping and torturing impotent babies to death. One scene was described with Scullys' girlfriends continuously and shamelessly bashing the helpless infants' heads together.

He is said to have made many more videos of torturing children and babies alike and selling them online through the Deep Web.


Peter Scully was arrested when his 17 year old partner (whom being one of his victims) escaped and told the police his whereabouts. The police investigated Scully's home and found the corpse of an 11 year old girl named Cindy buried under his apartment. He had allegedly strangled her to death. He now faces a life sentence, narrowing avoiding capital punishment by Filipino law. However, the Phillipines actually considered bringing back the death penalty for the sole intent of killing Scully.

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