The wiki is designed to help inform the world as a whole on the actions of extreme criminals, such as serial-killers, mass murderers, terrorists and dictators - as such it is a rather controversial wiki and users must abide by our policies : this wiki deals with sensitive information and our goal is not to offend but to try and show that while there are no true "heroes" or "villains" in the world there are many crimes that must be remembered so we can learn from them as a whole.

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NO FICTIONAL VILLAINS - This is a REAL life Villains wikia. Villains which originate from other sources are not acceptable here. The Villains wiki provides the information's about the fictional villains from various medias.

NO SELF-MADE VILLAINS - If you know someone in real life and you dislike them, please dont make pages about them. This is a serious wiki for serious real life evil villains, not for villains which didn't make actual evil deeds.

NO PLAGIARISM - Stolen content will be terminated as soon as we can! Do not steal text from other websites on the internet. We are trying to provide as much original content as we can for reads to get to know more about the real-villains.

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