Ruben Nathaniel Patterson (July 31, 1975-) is a former basketball player in the National Basketball Association who played for a couple teams. While he was playing for the Seattle SuperSonics (now the Oklahoma City Thunder) in September 2000, he was arrested for attempted rape of his child's nanny. He would again be arrested in February 2001 for attacking a man who scratched his car in Cleveland. Later on that year, he was required to register as a sex offender due to the aforementioned charges after a guilty plea. Then nearly a year later, he was arrested yet again for attacking his then-wife She had the charges dropped, but instead divorced him.

During his rocky tenure with the Portland Trail Blazers, he was known to verbally abuse his teammates and had an argument with his head coach at the time. It lead to him getting suspended by the team, and eventually traded to the Denver Nuggets. Once more, his inability to stay out of trouble would spring up in 2007 when he failed to update his address to the sex offender registry. In 2010, after retiring from pro basketball, he was again arrested, this time for a DUI. His blood alcohol level was listed as .117 .

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