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The thing about my family is I would protect them with my livelihood... but at the same time, if anyone was going to hurt them, it was going to be me.
~ Trey Sesler

Trey Eric Sesler, also known as Mr. Anime, (born August 3rd, 1989) was originally a YouTube reviewer, largely discussing anime, guns, and video games. However, as time went on, he started showing signs that his sanity was slipping; such signs included researching serial killers, killing animals, using real guns in his videos, doing videos about his guns, and shooting buildings in the middle of the night. Eventually, he went off the deep end, and Sesler shot and killed his mother Ronda, his dad Lawtin, and his brother Mark. After committing the act, he wrote down on the walls, "Why did I do this? I love my mom, dad and brother." In some interviews, he admitted to his crime and showed genuine remorse for his actions.

After being interrogated, Sesler revealed his true intentions. He had actually killed his family to spare them from knowing what he planned on doing next. He had become so obsessed with serial killers and weapons that he ultimately wanted to shoot up the Waller Junior High School, and his goal was to kill at least 70 people. He had apparently been planning this for years and drew inspiration from Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Before he could carry out this massacre, however, he was caught.

Sesler was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole or appeal.

After the sentence was announced Thursday August 2nd, 2012, family members were allowed to give statements about their thoughts on the crime, the effects that Sesler’s actions had on them and the community, and their hope that he could get the treatment they felt he needed while in prison.

Chief Rehak acknowledged that some might not be satisfied with the sentence, but said he thought it should bring some sort of closure.

“Four months after this horrific incident occurred, we’ve got what’s the closest possible thing to closure I think we could attain,” said Rehak. “Is there justice in a case like this? I don’t know.” Waller County D.A. Elton Mathis Jr. applauded the efforts of law enforcement to bring the trial to a conclusion quickly.

“In my six years as District Attorney I have never seen law enforcement come together and work toward a common goal like they did the week following the Sesler murders,” Mathis said in a statement released to the media Friday August 3rd, 2012, commending the efforts of everyone involved in Sesler’s prosecution.
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