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Vitoria Muller is a girl from Brazil who, at the age of 16, received widespread condemnation when she posted an online video of herself microwaving her pet guinea pig in May of 2017.

Muller attacked her pet after friends encouraged her to do it.[1] The video shows her place the black and white animal in her microwave and turns the machine on.[2] Her video received a strong backlash,[2] and Muller deleted her social media accounts when animal lovers sent her abuse and threats.[3]

Muller's father, upon learning of the incident, turned her into authorities and made her confess and apologize.[2] The animal was seized and examined by a vet who confirmed it had escaped injury.[3] Its current whereabouts are unclear.[2] The hashtag #PunicaoParaVictoria (Punishment for Vitoria) went viral in Brazil,[1] but her father released a statement saying "My daughter was already punished for her bad behavior."[3]


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