The Young Leith Team (often shorted to YLT) is an infamous street-gang in Scotland, prominent in the city of Edinburgh - although they were most active in the 70s the gang is still very much alive and although not reaching the same infamy as other criminal organizations they have caused problems in their local community both in the present and in the past.

The modern YLT tend to be a fairly typical street-gang and engage in lawless activities such as grafitti, vandalism, harassment and semi-organised crime (although most of the group's activities revolve around street fighting).

The YLT is one of many local gangs that like to fight with rivals, who often have similiar names and tactics - such as Young Mental Royston (YMR), who are somewhat of a rival gang.

The group's sign is very distinctive and is often used to "tag" certain areas, some youths also like to brag about their involvement in the gang and use the YLT's famous logo as a way of identifying themselves with the group.

The YLT has its origins dating back to the 1970s and has boosted numbers reaching 100 or more - as well as their feud with YMR they have had a violent past with another notorious Scottish gang known as the Young Niddrie Terrors (YNT).

As well as the prolific fighting between the youth groups the YLT has been involved in the drug trade, at one point flooding Leith with cheap heroin (alongside other gangs) and contributing to the seedier underbelly of Edinburgh crime.